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3 Stories
Proposed First Floor: 490 S.F.
Proposed Basement: 332 S.F.
Proposed Garage: 258 S.F.
Total Square Footage: 4,420 S.F.

New Residence
Proposed Total Living Space: 4,389 S.F.
Proposed Garage: 802 S.F.
Construction: 2007

Total Living Space: 3,606 S.F.
Covered Porch: 891 S.F.
Garage: 538 S.F.

New Residence
3 Stories
Total Square Footage: 3,735 SF

New Residence
Large Front Porch
Large Covered Patio Area

Total Existing: 2,963 S.F.
Proposed Square Footage: 3,733 SF
Indoor Garden designed for the back of the house

Total Living Space: 7,404 S.F.
Proposed Covered Entries: 489 S.F.
Proposed Garage: 563 S.F.
Proposed Patio: 850 S.F. Construction: 2008

New Residence
Total Living Space: 7,820 S.F.
Proposed Covered Porches: 1,069 S.F.
Proposed Garage: 1,593 S.F.

New Residence,
This house was featured in the magazine Design NJ
It has a beautiful deck with a large façade of windows looking on to the backyard

This residence has beautiful outdoor and indoor living spaces. A second story
balcony overlooks the water and allows for great views. On the first
level there is a large pool with a built-in hot tub and an outdoor cooking area.

Total Living Space: 1,113 S.F.
Large backyard with balconies overlooking the pool.

Proposed First Floor living Space: 1,142 S.F.
Proposed Second Floor Living Space: 555 S.F.
Total Living Space (existing and proposed): 3,755 S.F.

New Residence
Total living space: 5,717 S.F.
Proposed Covered Entry: 88 S.F.
Proposed Garage: 465 S.F.

New Residence
Rustic charm with contemporary elegance are blended in this ski house.
Panoramic vistas overlooking the beauty of the Colorado landscape.

This high-end residence has had an enclosed pool addition as well as a music
room addition. The floors were custom designed and boast exquisite detail.

New Residence
2 Stories
First Floor Living Space: 1,285 S.F.
Second Floor living space: 1,176 S.F.
Total Square Footage: 3,418 S.F.

New Residence
Total Living Space: 4,236 S.F.
Proposed Garage: 602 S.F.
Pool House: 2 Stories, Total Square Footage: 1,922SF
Construction: 2007

Total living space: 4,541 S.F.
Proposed Covered Entry: 120 S.F.
Proposed Garage: 620 S.F.
Proposed Decks: 839 S.F.

Located 2 blocks from the beach
Multi-level terraces
Gourmet Kitchen
Panoramic views
Custom Cabinetry

Façade Renovation
Total Living Space Added: 58 S.F.
Proposed Covered Entry: 350 S.F.

New Residence
First Floor: 1,359 S.F.
Second Floor: 1,321 S.F.
Total Square Footage: 3,095 S.F.
Construction: 2011

Alteration/ Addition
Total Living Space: 1,192 S.F.
Proposed Covered Entry: 233 S.F.
Proposed Garage: 300 S.F.

New Residence
First Floor Living Space: 1,718 S.F.
Second Floor Living Space: 1,394 S.F.
Basement Square Footage: 1,624 S.F.
Covered Porch: 298 S.F.

New Residence
First Floor Living Space: 1,718 S.F.
Second Floor Living Space: 1,394 S.F.
Basement Square Footage: 1,624 S.F.
Covered Porch: 298 S.F.

Historic Renovation
This house was completely re-built and restored to its original grandeur.
Existing Carriage House: 1,060 S.F.
Proposed Main House 2,825 S.F.
Construction: 2001

New Residence
Total Living Space: 2,640 S.F.
Proposed Covered Entry: 412 S.F.

New Residence
First Floor: 1,388 S.F.
Second Floor: 1,477 S.F.
Habitable Attic: 129 S.F.
Garage: 363 S.F.
Total Square Footage: 3,357 S.F.

Façade Alteration
Proposed Second Floor Living Space: 1,677 S.F.
Proposed Garage Area: 353 S.F.
Proposed Wood Deck Area: 295 S.F.
Total Square Footage: 3,633 S.F.

The back of the house includes a large covered porch which opens up on to a
back patio. The second floor also has a balcony which overlooks the backyard.

New Residence
Total Living Space: 7,074 SF
Proposed Covered Entry: 85 SF
Proposed Garage: 476 SF

New Residence
Total Living Space: 5,713 SF
Proposed Covered Porches: 1,241 SF
Proposed Garage: 777 SF
Construction: 2004

Proposed Living Space: 995 SF
Total living Space: 4600 SF
Proposed Garage: 939 SF
Proposed Covered Porch 238 SF
Construction: 2004

New Residence
Total Living Space: 6980 SF
Proposed Covered Entry: 792 SF
Proposed Garage: 918 SF
Construction: 2008

New Residence
Total Living Space: 5,173 SF
Proposed Covered Entry: 60 SF
Proposed Garage: 311 SF

New residence
Total Square Footage: 7,945 SF
First Floor: 3,775 SF
Second floor: 3,550 SF
Habitable Attic: 620 SF

New Residence
Total Living Space: 5,513 SF
Proposed Covered Front porch: 392 SF
Proposed Porte Cachere: 564 SF
Proposed Side Covered Porch 40 SF
Proposed Garage 770 SF

Façade Alteration
Construction: 2007
Proposed Covered Porch Area (new) 268 SF

New Residence
Total Square Footage: 7,307 SF
First floor living space: 4,119 SF
Second floor living space: 3,188 SF
Construction: 2012

New Residence
Total Living Space 7,614 SF
Proposed Covered Entry: 495 SF
Proposed Garage 1,067 SF

Total living space: 2,236 SF
Proposed covered Entry: 257 SF
Proposed Garage: 763 SF

Construction 2007
Total Living Space: 3,075 (proposed and existing)
Proposed Covered Entry: 75 Sf
Proposed and Existing Garage: 544 SF

New Residence
Basement Square footage: 2,626
First Floor Living Space: 2,030 SF
Second Floor Living Space: 2,867
Total Square Footage: 7,523
Construction: 2008

Total living space: 5,213 SF
Proposed Covered Entry: 225 S.F
Arched windows
Craftsman color palette
Shingle siding
Home has a personal elevator
Custom stained glass features

Total Living Space: 3,215 SF
Proposed Covered Entry: 530 SF
Proposed Garage: 484 SF

Total Living Space: 6106 SF
First Floor: 2774 SF
Proposed Covered Entry: 373 Sf
Proposed Garage: 763 SF
Construction: 2008

New Residence
Total Floor Area: 5,284 SF

144 SF added to first floor
975 SF added to second floor

607 SF addition
Total Square footage: 3,558

New Residence First Floor Square Footage: 2,067 S.F Second Floor Square Footage: 1,828 S.F Total Square Footage: 4,213 S.F